Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Crafts I'm Excited For 11/6

Hi everyone! So if you know me and my Pinterest, I'm on it quite a bit and I'm always pinning new crafts. Here's some sewing crafts that I can't wait to try. The title of each is a link to the blog, so go check them out!

Microwaveable Heat Packs

Photo by Life as a Mom blog
It's getting colder out, and heat packs are a great way to warm yourself up. I haven't really used them before but I imagine them being pretty nice for my hands when I go out to class in a blizzard, or warming up my bed at night. Plus, you can pick any pattern of fabric and that makes it so fun! Find the DIY here.

Cable Cozy

Picture from Live it. Love it. Make it. blog
As a college student, I travel a lot to go home and to my boyfriend's. I always just knot up my cables and throw them in a pocket. I know this would be a better way to care for them. Plus, it's so cute! I have lots of colored elastic from making my own hairties so I know what that's going to be used for!

Fat Quarter Fabric Trays

Photo by
Face it- you have fabric scraps laying around. And that's ok, because we all do. This super cute tutorial shows you how to use those fabric scraps to make a fabric tray! Isn't that so awesome? I can't wait to make some so then I stop randomly throwing things down on my desk (and losing them). You'd better go check this tutorial out!


  1. My family has those heat packs with cherry seeds. They are great for sore muscles and something I will always remember my grandma having at her house!

    1. That's really cool! Do they smell like cherries when you heat them up? I also wonder if the cherry seeds last longer than the rice would.

  2. How long would you recommend for neck and should pain?

  3. I mean what dimensions would you use?